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Protecting your law firm against Phishing and Social Engineering

The legal sector is a prime target for unscrupulous cyber criminals, lured by the abundance of sensitive data and significant amounts of client money.

Phishing is a commonly used phrase surrounding email security but what is it and how does it cause such large scale attacks?

Who should attend

Practice area: Applicable to all | Level: Beginner

This information is crucial for all, regardless of whether you are a managing partner, fee earner or work in a support or admin role within a law firm. Shielding the law firm, its clients and third parties from the cyber threat

is a collective responsibility.

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Practical Vision

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March 10th
10:00 GMT

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Here is What You'll Learn

What is social engineering? 

Understand the method and impact of social engineering 

What can a criminal see about me? 

Understand typical reconnaissance methods employed by successful attackers 

How do I identify a phishing attempt 

Learn how to spot a phishing attempt 

What should I do if I am ‘phished’? 

Learn how protect data in the event that someone in your organisation falls victim to a phishing attempt. 


Speaker: Jen Williams

Head of IT and Security Specialist at the Practical Vision Network

Jen Williams has worked as Head of IT with Practical Vision for a number of years. During this time, she has revolutionised the way the company operates and continues to constantly improve her knowledge and expertise of the technology sector and how it can improve company efficiency.

As an accredited and certified ISO 27001 auditor and Cyber Essentials Assessor, Jen is always seeking to build on her keen interest in cyber security for the legal industry.

Jen has fostered a passion for utilising IT tools and software that can simplify cyber security and improve the connectivity and collaborative working environment amongst colleagues.


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March 10th
10:00 GMT